Albatross. Beneath these beautiful messengers of wind and ocean looms a threat increasingly recognized worldwide: pollution by plastic. Faithful predators of prey found in surface waters, albatrosses are not evolutionarily adapted to discern the plastic of a floating jellyfish. Confident of the safety of their fishing, they feed their chicks, which end up paying the price for our excessive consumption and our disconnection from the natural environment.

In the documentary the drama is served by witnessing the suffering of these animals, finding, however, a perfect balance between the praise of the beauty of the species and their struggle for survival. Filmed in an extraordinary way, Chris Jordan and his team give us in this work of art the life of the albatross with images that make us feel the emotions on the surface.

It is more than to thank the decision to keep their work for free so that it can be enjoyed by as many viewers as possible.

Personally I consider it to be totally worth seeing, admiring and enjoying.

Reducing our consumption of plastic on an individual level, calling for more sustainable alternatives and raising awareness of the issue are ways of making this world a better place.

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