Always accompanied: key to dealing with humanity’s problems

When we face problems of colossal size such as climate change, the fight against social inequalities or the defence of human rights, one must have an integrity worthy of admiration. Why? Because I do not yet know anyone who finds it easy to assimilate the worrying situation we are in, who wants to involve himself in it and who does not pay a certain price by carrying this weight on his shoulders. It is said that an African proverb says “if you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far go with others“, and I firmly believe in the message it aims to convey.

If we think about it coldly, no matter how much we want to and how powerful a human being can become convinced of a good cause, our capacity for action is much more limited if we intend to be lonely warriors. This battle concerns each and every one of us, and we are bound to lose it if we do not manage to involve as much of society as possible. This must not only involve a social collective large enough to face such a titan with the most optimistic perspective possible; it is absolutely essential to approach it from the holistic, the integrated and the inclusive. It is now more than ever that we urgently need the various levels of society to join forces in pursuit of this common goal.

Unfortunately, the scientific and social forecasts are not very hopeful and the time available for action, according to the experts, is no more than 12 or 15 years. But those in the world who find no reason to fight and who accept without further resignation our uncertain future are too prominent. That is why it fills me with joy and fascination to discover courageous people who are taking their first steps in this struggle and who come from such different professional circles. What has brought them together? What has convinced them to invest the most valuable thing in their lives, which is their time, in this common cause? Where has the interest come from?

The reflection that I wanted to bring to you arose from a dialogue with a person who claimed to be a participant in a group discussion and sharing of conscious and responsible habits with the environment. The link was the work of Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, “Active Hope“. Their example, hand in hand with their life projects on both a professional and personal level, seem to be wonderful sources of inspiration where one can find reasons to believe and motives to act. All of this makes for an excellent book that is getting people from very different groups together to raise their voices about something that unites us all irrevocably, the future of humanity and all the beings that live with us. To be honest, I cannot give my opinion on it since I have not yet had the honour or the opportunity to read it, but I have the initiative to make it available soon. However, what really excited me about this discussion group was the power that each of the participants acquired when this objective was integrated into a more complex social circle. The support found in the group, the advancement and integration of new life habits when shared with others… is a great example of the truth found in the African proverb mentioned above. Each one of these people as a citizen, consumer and responsible person could contribute and exercise a really considerable impact, but their contribution is greatly promoted under the support of the group, accompanied. So there is every reason to be optimistic, we have not yet discovered our full potential as a society. There are still too many open fronts on which to act and start working together.

I fully believe in the capacity of human beings to create and carry out wonderful things, many of which are unfortunately overshadowed by those of which we should not be proud and which reflect nothing more and nothing less than all that we still have to go through, to learn and to improve. Moreover, we are still a fully social species that depends on the other members of our society to create the future we really want to live. This is how we will walk together this path towards the most conscious, respectful and fair society ever developed, but always accompanied.

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