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The value of amphibians

I have always had a special affection for amphibians. I grew up with them since my childhood and far from leaving my fascination for them, today they continue to captivate and amaze me with the same or even greater ease than when I was a child. But these wonderful creatures are in danger. Amphibians are the most threatened group of vertebrates in the world (more than 41% of species in decline, IUCN data). My awareness of their situation and my strong bond with them led to a great sense of responsibility. It was time to materialise all these emotions, to transform them into something beneficial for amphibians and for the world. Common Toad (Bufo spinosus) – Courtesy of Jesús Porras – Iberian Nature This led me to start an international documentary that promotes knowledge, awareness and empathy for these animals. It will gather the wisdom, work, reflections and feelings of scientists, conservationists, NGOs and…

Sorrow for the Earth

With my heart shrunk by the news, between knowing and not knowing, between a half-told reality and a half-lived reality, I struggle once again on the shores of suffering. Suffering for love. Perhaps a love less known, less navigated. A love less applauded and sought after in our society, avid for the most exalted romances. When we speak of love, our mind seems to be directed towards the same type of expression: the idyllic and so longed-for love of a partner. But, who has the courage to speak of love for nature, love for the planet, love for every human being, love for every being, love for all life? Doesn’t considering one love greater than another make it anything but love? My experience with love is still small, but this voice ignorant of its power has power of its own, beyond what it is capable of conveying. That is why it…

The knowledge of the tree

Sometimes I wish I was more of a tree,to let the wind getting closer,and to push my branches lovingly,until the stars managed to caress. I would like to learn to worship the Sun,from the proud knowledge of the tree,aware of how much wisdom in his being,the red star a day dares to bring. I’d like to be a tree to guide me,between blue, green and black to meet me,with rays of light to mold me,and under my feet so I can bury myself. I’d like to be a tree to feel,phoenix in seed contained,thanks to the ashes that protected me,until the wind came back.

Consumption of emotions

It’s been a long time since I set foot in a shopping mall. I tend to avoid them because I feel out of place there. I experience a mixture of discomfort and sadness as I find myself overconsuming everywhere. Products that are harmful to nature, to people and to the very individual who consumes them. An environment designed to lure the consumer into a frenzy of shopping for, probably, unnecessary items. Products of more than questionable quality for the mere purpose of encouraging their replacement in the shortest possible time, faithfully following the legacy of programmed obsolescence, introduced in the middle of the 20th century. Quantity is encouraged and quality is disregarded. QUESTIONING THE REAL REASON FOR OUR PURCHASES What distresses me most is that the little humanity these places have is disappearing. The lack of human interaction is sought to increase the ever improving and insatiable productivity. The little…

Labelling life for fear of not knowing

To label any aspect of life is to limit our already restricted perception of it. It is to distort a reality previously manipulated by our senses, by our mind and by our consciousness. Even if labels help us to travel paths in which we temporarily find meaning as the avid learning beings that we are, our excessive identification with them is at least dangerous. This means restricting our creativity, our imagination and our flexibility when considering other equally valid alternatives in a world of infinite interpretations. In this way we soon learn to reject any reality that differs from the one in which we have been reflected. Many of us fall into the madness of assigning the whole meaning of our life to one of them, because we consider that it defines our identity. How much value of life does one single label make? How can we even dare to…

Dear Earth

Dear Earth, in a seed I would contain you, and believing me to be true to your wisdom, in me would stand you up, see how well you’d grow! Oh, dear Earth, so much love for your people would be born, for their stories and legends, for their landscapes and beliefs, for their experiences and fantasies, how else would so much life express itself! If it were up to me, at each new dawn I would watch you, so that in your big little sky he would take in, the dream that the world would value you. In the same abandoned fields I would walk, with fresh eyes would rejuvenate them, and before the renewed journey I would feel you. Oh, dear Earth, Your very presence to my tears would be a comfort! Your existence to my soul would inspire! What can I do for you, dear Earth, but to…

Their lips will whisper

And eventually their lips will whisper, how much beauty lies hidden on the ships that will leave! That life comes and goes in rhythm, between the calm and the quiet storm. See then the dawn that has already broken, and the daring goshawk. For learning, tide drags, for living, forgotten anchor. Abyssal depths I would like to raise, for such raging evils to shelter, while in saline sunsets work, and the orange miracle of the painted horizons. Busy between so many chores, Oh, my dear! As many seas as you want to board! But proud if I may, you must, for under such a storm, you set a course for your seafaring life, ending up sailing through the waters of freedom.

The art of letting yourself live

Any excuse is perfect, not to be here. And I say that half ashamed and half proud to be a conscious expert in evading life. With a little bit of attention, we realize that it’s on everyone’s lips. It’s a poisoned social habit, but an accepted one. That is why we must learn to observe it from the outside, finding it first in ourselves. It can be seen in impatience, in the comings and goings to the past and the future, in insecurities, in the inability to deal with uncertainty. To live without knowing what one is going to live, without plans or alternatives. To let yourself live. Nature always seems to have the answers to all my problems, that is why I turn to her when I feel empty, when I have fallen into the error of not wanting to be where I am. She, so radiant and splendid…

Eternal battle

Warrior I wanted to be, battle marks on my cheeks I painted, and between teardrops I observed, the steps of the war I started. From fighting my instinct I freed, my forgiveness I embraced, and with a value I never imagined before, about the language of the heart, so I meditated. With fire I struggled, life I conquered, with soul I reflected, and in the night I dreamt.

Someone draw it

Please,someone draw it,that someone composes it,that someone floods it with color,that someone’s tune to choose. Someone dare your steps to dance,that someone dares to sing his music,that someone dare his voice to resonate,that someone would dare to express their truth. And on the new day to begin,I could finally dare to pronounce,who would dare to show my life?Who could, if not my dreaming?