Believe in yourself and you will make this world a better place

The more people I meet, the more I’m fascinated by the human being. It is exciting to hear people’s stories, their dreams, their problems and their concerns. You realize how amazingly similar we are even though we strive to reinforce what makes us different. However, there is one thing that always causes me some sadness when I connect with someone. It’s when you sense that they’ve thrown in the towel. When, once again, they’ve settled for life.

There is enormous potential in every person. We are all unique and special, but most of us choose to lead comfortable lives that don’t cause us many complications. In general, the road most traveled tends to be the easiest road. So, when I interact with someone who seems to have made the same decision, I discover a voice crying out in despair from within me: Wake up! Can’t you see how great you are? Please listen to me! Why can’t you see yourself with the same eyes I see you with? I only see light and you insist on seeing shadows. There is truly an overwhelming power in every person. But let’s be disappointed, it’s much easier not to discover it. Our way of seeing and thinking ends up hiding from us those exciting paths that life also offers us to travel.

This feeling of frustration that arises in me from apathy and generalised discouragement takes on even greater force when I remind myself of the problems that the world is facing. While it is true that no one deserves to bear the full brunt of their causes and consequences, it is well known that we have much to contribute. But acting is something else. Acting is an act of courage. And I refuse to accept that you lack it. I will not assume that you think you cannot contribute, that your efforts are not worthwhile and that you will never make a great impact. 

I base myself on countless examples of self-improvement, I base myself on the knowledge accumulated in human history, I base myself on all the wonders that surround us in life and I base myself on the tremendous value that simply living already possesses. That is why I refuse and will always refuse to accept that this is all you can do and be. What motivates you? Do you want to preserve nature? Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you want to live a life that you can look at with pride? Do you want to surpass yourself for those you love the most? Whatever it is, it starts with you! Discover the way that best suits you to make the most of it. 

Human beings only know one type of failure, and that is the one caused by the fear of living, by the fear of trying. Show yourself that you are capable and wonders will be seen in your eyes. Today more than ever we need people to believe in themselves. That is where they will get that strength to overcome the obstacles that life presents them and discover their best version. Against these titanic problems that exist in the world and that do not leave even the most serene and confident unaltered, our best weapons are illusion, optimism and courage. I truly believe that there lies the key that will allow us to make it an infinitely better place. As infinitely as we set out to do so.

I have decided to believe in me, believe in you and believe in everyone.

And you? Do you believe too?

Please, never stop believing.

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