The value of amphibians

I have always had a special affection for amphibians. I grew up with them since my childhood and far from leaving my fascination for them, today they continue to captivate and amaze me with the same or even greater ease than when I was a child. But these wonderful creatures are in danger. Amphibians are the most threatened group of vertebrates in the world (more than 41% of species in decline, IUCN data). My awareness of their situation and my strong bond with them led to a great sense of responsibility. It was time to materialise all these emotions, to transform them into something beneficial for amphibians and for the world. Common Toad (Bufo spinosus) – Courtesy of Jesús Porras – Iberian Nature This led me to start an international documentary that promotes knowledge, awareness and empathy for these animals. It will gather the wisdom, work, reflections and feelings of scientists, conservationists, NGOs and…