The knowledge of the tree

Sometimes I wish I was more of a tree,to let the wind getting closer,and to push my branches lovingly,until the stars managed to caress. I would like to learn to worship the Sun,from the proud knowledge of the tree,aware of how much wisdom in his being,the red star a day dares to bring. I’d like to be a tree to guide me,between blue, green and black to meet me,with rays of light to mold me,and under my feet so I can bury myself. I’d like to be a tree to feel,phoenix in seed contained,thanks to the ashes that protected me,until the wind came back.

Dear Earth

Dear Earth, in a seed I would contain you, and believing me to be true to your wisdom, in me would stand you up, see how well you’d grow! Oh, dear Earth, so much love for your people would be born, for their stories and legends, for their landscapes and beliefs, for their experiences and fantasies, how else would so much life express itself! If it were up to me, at each new dawn I would watch you, so that in your big little sky he would take in, the dream that the world would value you. In the same abandoned fields I would walk, with fresh eyes would rejuvenate them, and before the renewed journey I would feel you. Oh, dear Earth, Your very presence to my tears would be a comfort! Your existence to my soul would inspire! What can I do for you, dear Earth, but to…

Their lips will whisper

And eventually their lips will whisper, how much beauty lies hidden on the ships that will leave! That life comes and goes in rhythm, between the calm and the quiet storm. See then the dawn that has already broken, and the daring goshawk. For learning, tide drags, for living, forgotten anchor. Abyssal depths I would like to raise, for such raging evils to shelter, while in saline sunsets work, and the orange miracle of the painted horizons. Busy between so many chores, Oh, my dear! As many seas as you want to board! But proud if I may, you must, for under such a storm, you set a course for your seafaring life, ending up sailing through the waters of freedom.

Eternal battle

Warrior I wanted to be, battle marks on my cheeks I painted, and between teardrops I observed, the steps of the war I started. From fighting my instinct I freed, my forgiveness I embraced, and with a value I never imagined before, about the language of the heart, so I meditated. With fire I struggled, life I conquered, with soul I reflected, and in the night I dreamt.

Someone draw it

Please,someone draw it,that someone composes it,that someone floods it with color,that someone’s tune to choose. Someone dare your steps to dance,that someone dares to sing his music,that someone dare his voice to resonate,that someone would dare to express their truth. And on the new day to begin,I could finally dare to pronounce,who would dare to show my life?Who could, if not my dreaming?

The eyes with which I look at you

If you could see through yourself with the passage of my eyes you would fall in love right now  with everything you are. If you could find out the wonders I find in you you’d realize that your living worthy is of the most beautiful tale. So big and beautiful, huge person. Sweet creature, creator of tenderness. Life expressed, without measure beloved, no doubt about it, it’s you.


Attention is knocking at my door and the heavens open wherever I am. It’s wonderful to hear the sea in the wind and the trees play instruments. Wonder at the surprises on the way messages of the eternal, messages from the divine. I seek you, I listen to you, I find you. Not in the footsteps of my past nor in my uncertain future. It all happened, when I surrendered on the moment.


Many times I find myself in a state of intrigue with how can you not tiptoe through life. How to prevent the transformation of time  in sand in water in the wind. Elements that go through my fingers without being able to hold on to the moments, being the fullness for me a mystery. I often find myself wanting to shake my inner enough  so as to look at the sky and exclaim with a smile my first sincere hallelujah. Hallelujah for being here! Hallelujah for being me! Hallelujah for living! Hallelujah!

Walk through mountains

Let my conscience be strong and high, to get him through the mountains and crossing imaginary boundaries. Let him be relieved of the weight of his fears, take off, and manage to caress the skies. Let him dare to open his eyes and to these new views glimpse those peaks. So big in time, so small in the now. Let him laugh at his torments, those believed to be confusing their way. Let him realize that he was given wings. That they taught her to be free, that they taught her how to fly.

Fill myself with life

I want to fill myself with life. I want to be filled with you. I want to be filled with the world, so that I never forget how beautiful life is. I want to fill myself with shared moments, of smiles scattered in the wind and intense glances hidden in the rhythm of the days. I want to fill myself with beautiful landscapes and countless mornings. I want to fill myself with the most moving tunes and the most inspiring experiences. I want to be filled with stumbling, the more the merrier, so that as I walk harder my steps will resonate. I want to be filled with hugs, with melancholy, with the desire to fight and run away. I want to be filled with dreams, with the greatest stories and the greatest examples to follow. I want to fill myself with joy, I want to fill myself with life,…