Chasing Coral

The decline of coral reefs is palpable throughout the world. A group of scientists is exposing their dramatic situation and making a global call for awareness and action to preserve these fascinating creatures.

They are, without a doubt, one of the most incredible ecosystems we have on our planet. They overflow with life everywhere, they create that great life and the existence of all that life depends on them. They are volcanoes of biodiversity in surprisingly small areas, which has allowed even millions of human beings to feed on the fish they support. Not only do they provide us with food, but, among many other things, they also act as a physical barrier against destructive natural elements such as tsunamis.

Despite all this, coral reefs have been damaged for decades by abusive and destructive fishing techniques, such as trawling, which ravage the entire sea floor. On the other hand, despite their fragile condition, corals are still a fairly common tourist attraction today.

Direct human pressure, coupled with climate change, is putting these magnificent animals in check on a truly worrying scale. To make their existence even more valuable, it is worth remembering that coral reef development is very slow. What has taken thousands of years to form is being destroyed in a matter of decades.

In “Chasing Coral“, an original Netflix documentary, we can delve deeper into the issues surrounding these animals and take a closer look at our responsibility for the conservation, value and respect of these exciting life forms. Loving the natural environment and taking an interest in it is a powerful way to make the world a better place.

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