Congo Tribunal

Imagine one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. I now inform you that it has been under the yoke of poverty, human exploitation and violence for decades. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, history keeps repeating itself.

Unable to have a minimum of human security and dignity, the people of the Congo do not ask for much more than any other human being, to have a voice, to be heard and to have dignified and moral justice applied.

Congo Tribunal led by Milo Rau was created to meet part of this need of the people of Congo and to give visibility to the problem. For this purpose, a mock trial is simulated in the Congo itself with the aim of allowing those who have been victims of the violation of any of their rights to expose their situation and a verdict can be issued as a result.

Sadly, the vast majority of crimes against basic human rights go unpunished in the Congo, and in much of the other world.

Although this is not a tasteful dish for anyone, being more aware of the reality and informing ourselves about these situations gives us the opportunity to be able to contribute positively to them. In other words, we actively create the possibility that we can make this world a better place.

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