Population growth has meant that food needs have increased over time, acquiring new methodology or compounds, such as agrochemicals or intensive agriculture.

In “The Dispossessed” directed by Mathieu Roy, we can see the struggle of millions of farmers around the world who are forced to migrate to the cities because their work on the land does not allow them to live.

Those who remain on agricultural land are driven by necessity to take on poorly paid jobs. In other cases they even continue to go to them in spite of not having been paid for long periods of time in the hope of one day being paid, since they do not have a better option within their reach.

The reality again is that the economic interests of business overlap with the rights of all these agricultural workers in much of the world.

By taking an interest in and informing ourselves about how the food we eat is produced and by demanding ethical and sustainable measures from companies, we can have an impact on making this world a better place.

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