Fragile balance

From the successful Tokyo to the horror created at the fence at the entrance to Europe in Morocco; the inconsistencies of society are suffered by people all over the world.

Humanity continues to drag the same cobwebs it faced centuries ago. Poverty, inequality, injustice or greed resonate strongly in our history, being common to many of the cultures in which our species has supported its development and evolution.

Fragile balance is a documentary directed by Guillermo García López in which the words of the former president of Uruguay, José Mujica, echo and analyze the rawness and realism of the images in the film. Human lives exposed to extreme situations often question the meaning of life and their own personal experiences.

It is a profound analysis of the ultimate purpose of society and the value that is hidden in life itself. It prompts us to question what is really essential, common and important in the lives of each of us and what should be the common goal of humanity.

Moving from mere spectators to agents of change and action is fundamental to changing the direction in which we are heading. Let us start with ourselves here and now and we will be amazed at how many people are already choosing to follow similar paths. Together it is and will always be more rewarding to make this world a better place.

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