Go back to what makes you to be yourself

Defending your authenticity is a courageous playing field. In a society where homogeneity and uniformity are dictated, it is not easy to hold on to what makes you who you are. Human beings move constantly consciously or unconsciously from fear and when it comes to external opinion this reaches its greatest magnitude. We deal daily with the need to feel loved, appreciated, valued, recognized. In our inner self we do not only want to show others that we are worth and that we are somebody, but we also want to show ourselves. It is paradoxical, to say the least, that these insecurities of becoming people worthy of being remembered in life, of living exemplary lives of which we are truly proud, often lead in the opposite direction from our authenticity, which is the only thing that can ultimately lead us to walk these paths.

I too have fallen into the trap of fear. I am aware that I will continue to fall as many times as necessary until I internalize well that lesson that I perhaps thought I had learned too soon, and I am indulgent with myself for that. While studying my career, I was fascinated by all the branches of biology. It is an enormously extensive science and although I have always opted for an environmental specialization, this did not limit my enjoyment of other subjects such as microbiology, genetics or biochemistry. Today, with the advances of science and technology, the laboratory branches are much more valued as a general rule than those branches of field or basic science. The tangible, the practical, the applicable are valued. Few ordinary people will find value or sense in research on the biology of insects, amphibians or fish when one could be investing that time in knowing more about viruses, bacteria or developing new antibiotics. As a consequence, the latter is much more socially rewarded, reflected in greater work facilities and external investment.

We all want to ensure a future, we all want a pleasant and simple way, without problems, we all want to enjoy. It was not few times that I heard how difficult it can be to make a living as a biologist, and even more so as an ecologist. This shabby branch of biology did not seem to find its place in the world and I was afraid to choose a path where there was apparently less support. I resisted for a long time to opt for what my heart was telling me but which was hidden by a sea of absurd and limiting insecurities. As it could not be otherwise, I returned to what was calling me, what made me who I was. Only there can you shine at your best. That is what the world really needs and what every human being deserves, to shine.

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