Green life

Every word would fall short in trying to describe you, in trying to express the admiration I have felt for you for some time. You are life and at the same time you flood life with colour and beauty. You have had the courage to conquer every matter on this planet and to shine as if there were no tomorrow. Without you nothing would be the same. You have accompanied me faithfully throughout my life. I can’t imagine myself without that gap you filled. You inspired me, made me dream and gave me wings. You ended up shaping my path and showing me the direction I should go.

My passion for the green, for the animated and inanimate in that dance of life and surprises that invite discovery has decorated each of my steps. And they were beautiful! I chose to dance them by your side and to open myself to learn from you the secrets of life, which are so well preserved in your wisdom. And I want to soak in it, I want to continue fascinating myself again and again with each of your secrets and wonders. I want to be enraptured with your simple sight and remind myself again and again how lucky I am to have impregnated my moments with your presence. How many more lives will you have filled with meaning? How many innocent and brilliant souls will you have also decided to dance to the sound of your beat, to the sound of life?

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