What makes us really happy? Surrounding ourselves with quality relationships, enjoying a good self-esteem and getting excited about a vital purpose seem to be some of the keys.

Everyone seems to be clear about this, for many their goal in life is to be happy. However, each one at an individual level adapts the term to their personal objectives: some focus on money, others on beauty, others on social status, others on fame, others on knowledge…

What’s most important to you? Most of us agree that having good emotional and physical health and spending quality time with those we love are among our highest priorities. So it’s surprising that we often spend much less time and attention on them than on other activities we consider more superfluous. It is even more surprising how little is reflected in what we value most in our daily lives.

The protagonists of the documentary “Happy“, directed by Roko Belic, embody beautiful teachings. People who enjoy simple and happy lives surrounded by those they love and what they enjoy, human beings reconciling with their bodies overcoming important adversities and great examples of perseverance over dreams inspire us to direct our steps towards these paths already walked.

There is no doubt that happiness is a wonderful field to exploit and an indispensable key that we all deserve, without exception, and that we urgently need to use so that we can make this world a better place.

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