What is it that makes us human? With this simple but powerful question we enter fully into the discovery and reflection of our own essence as a species.

Love, freedom, fear, hope or sadness. Paradoxically, those themes that are deepest and most identifiable with the human being are the ones that we find most difficult to express in our lives. No one is exempt from them and yet, instead of sharing and embracing them, we silence them because of our own insecurity and discomfort in facing them.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has collected stories from thousands of people from dozens of different countries; some heartbreaking, others worthy of being part of science fiction books and others capable of reaching the most walled-in heart. Each and every story is worthy of being shared and heard. In them are collected pieces of wisdom, which after being gathered with a little awareness and observation, we end up pointing out that every human being pursues the same path. Beyond our superfluous differences, the same desires to contribute, to feel loved, to express love, to be recognized and to enjoy life, are stirred in each one of us.

We need to listen to stories that allow us to remember how lucky we are, that teach us to appreciate our life, to empathize more with that of others, that wake us up from our lethargy and push us to go beyond the limits that we have imposed and created for ourselves.

Thank you Yann for sharing your fantastic work and giving life and voice to that immense and beautiful connection that exists between every human being. Without a doubt, there are lessons of enormous importance to emerge victorious from the problems facing humanity and thus make this world a better place together.

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