In pursuit of silence

What are the impacts on our lives of a world full of noise and where we no longer know how to stop and be silent?

Society is governed by speed and distraction. Unfortunately, there is a predominance of admiration for those lives that are better adapted to these new existential mantras. But what if we dared to see it from the opposite point of view? What if those who are most dizzying and tireless were the ones who are most afraid of living? What if their actions were motivated by the path of escape from themselves?

I too believe that excessive noise, both external and internal, is the cause of a large part of our problems. I experience it daily and it is something I have to face with perseverance and awareness to remind myself that I am moving away from myself at these times.

As documentary filmmaker Patrick Shen points out, “I hope the film will motivate the audience to slow down and create a new world for them in some way“.

It is our responsibility to create enough spaces of silence to allow for reflections and connections that go far beyond time and productivity. These are moments of great value from which no one should be exempt, where we take a step back and get perspective on the direction we are taking. Let us live and inspire lives with much more silence and make this world a much better place.

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