The fields of your life will flourish,

those you once went to step on,

and the butterflies will swirl,

where you left your footsteps,

for such a beautiful walk.

Unsubstantiated miracles will be worked,

of such a great dream,

and allow me to see you on earth,

in the air and in the sea.

I’ll meet you on the flight of the birds,

and in the reflection of the stars shine,

and as long as you sing to me,

you will hear my heart whisper:

How valid was your delivery!

How memorable it will always be!

Warm breath in the winter you were,

indomitable seed of nature at the call,

even on the moors you were sick of it,

you, miracle of life, rebound.

That’s why I made a legend of you,

I wanted it to be the most beautiful I could tell.

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