Make space for what you care about

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell myself that I’ve spent too much time in contact with nature. The more I might regret not spending more moments and experiences with her. And she calls me, boy does she call me. I hear her voice constantly, wherever I go. When I find myself overwhelmed or uncomfortable and realize that I have been within four walls all day, I look for her. She is always ready to welcome me with open arms. If I go too many days without attending to her, I don’t usually feel well. It is also curious that the quality of my time with her increases considerably when I enjoy it in solitude. Accompanied is always a beautiful experience to share, but the intensity of the connection is not the same. It is in those moments of solitude that you come to such deep reflections as what is your place in the world, the quality of your life or your relationship with yourself or others.

It is always interesting to step back and look at yourself as if you were the main character in a story. Then you laugh at those little misfortunes that give a humorous touch to the plot, but without them it wouldn’t be such a worthwhile story to tell. You may even feel grateful to have lived through them. You relate and are flooded at times with immense gratitude for everything that you know how to accommodate in your heart. Few things really matter when you reach this level of perspective. You feel so liberated, so free. It is those moments of connection in nature that allow me to relive deep feelings that remind me of all that is truly important to me in life. This way I am able to reorient myself on my path, to remind myself why I do what I do – Ah yes! Let me not forget… let me not forget how it feels… – In this intensity of feeling it is difficult to think that it could happen to you again. And it happens, I forget again, because at the end of the day we are human beings and that is what it is all about, learning. But she will always be there to remind me as many times as it takes, with infinite, tireless patience. That’s why those moments are priceless to me. That’s why I always look for holes in nature in my life.

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