My little big farm

They made possible what seemed impossible. In this documentary an American couple living in California shows us their dream of running a sustainable farm come true. Their secret? A lot of faith and love for nature.

Experience can be a desirable companion but not a determining factor in reaching your goal, whatever it may be. John and Molly Chester are a living example of this by working their way through intimidating obstacles with admirable determination and drive, being mere apprentices of the agricultural world and its wonderful mysteries.

Always open to moving forward by internalizing those lessons hidden among their mistakes, they began to be aware step by step of the incredible role that every form of life has in the natural environment. They created and forged new relationships, until those even labeled as enemies were discovered to be on their side.

In this beautiful dance of life, we see that when everything vibrates to the same music, there is a fascinating sense of balance and perfection. Everything is fine, nothing is over and nothing is missing in nature. When we decide to learn to dance with her, it becomes surprisingly simple to be amazed again at how incredible life is. Being aware and reconsidering our relationship with the natural environment is a powerful way to make this world a better place.

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