I give talks in Spanish or English on any topic related to nature, climate change…

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Although writing is the tool with which I feel most comfortable to communicate and to which I dedicate the most time, it has a disadvantage and that is the lack of contact with people. A disproportionate involvement in writing can lead to an excess of individuality, of withdrawal, of lack of interaction, of loneliness. A lot of things can be communicated through words, a lot of information, but the feeling, the enthusiasm, the passion or the intensity are blurred and do not reach the reader in the same way as they would reach a listener in a talk.

When we listen to a person speak, we not only capture the information they transmit, we are also sensitive to their mood, their vivacity, their expressiveness, the energies they emit. After all, there is no substitute for the beauty of human presence, for what we exchange and experience when we share, when we are together. To communicate about the love of nature, about the urgency of the climate crisis, about how to find inspiration to act and about how to connect with all forms of life, the need for human contact is indisputable.

While it is true that this is knowledge that can be reached through oneself or in connection with nature, the awareness we gain from it is something so powerful and important that it demands to be shared with others. And others are reached through your own humanity. What better way to transmit that awareness to others than by speaking from the heart? Is there a better way to communicate than from your own precious vulnerability, from what makes you truly human?

Thus, my desire to give talks comes from my need for human contact, to observe the reactions of the audience, to get answers and new questions, to contribute with the best of me, to feel supported in my concerns for the world and the welfare of others, to do what I know I have to do, to talk about what makes every cell of my body vibrate, to transmit to people the immense love I feel for nature and for all forms of life. Talks allow me to do all that and much more. After all, this is only the beginning of a long and beautiful journey.


With all the love in the world,