The life

Hidden, exposed, life shows itself wherever you go, wherever those trained eyes are able to see it. Proud of its existence, whatever its expression, it will not hesitate to invest all its energy to continue its journey, always finding its way back to its path. That search for meaning that is found within each being, that powerful magnet that invites us without hesitation, relentlessly, to dance to life, to honor it, to value it, is wonderfully embedded in our genes and in our soul to the rhythm of survival. All beings, every creature that has the fortune to be part of this joint and shared life, including the environments they inhabit, without exception; vibrate under the same music. Life is capable of listening to this melody and responding splendidly, showing itself in the flowering of the plants and the ripening of the fruits, in the gliding of the birds and the luminescence of the fireflies, in the splashing of the whales and the deep gaze of an elephant, in the dripping of an iceberg when spring arrives and in the darkness of the winter days, in the flapping of butterflies and the wind that caresses their wings, in the dance of the autumn leaves and the vast dominions of the oceans, in the sleeping seeds that dot the soil and in the rhythmic breathing of the forests, in the freshness of the fragrance of the rain and in the glow of the ever-watchful stars: all is life.

Without each contribution, life suffers and laments, for in their eyes everything has the same value. The performance of each element, of each being, is simply irreplaceable. It is possible that life, amazed by their creations and under the fear of their loss, gave them the capacity to value their existence. The strength of the instinct of survival does not cease to be a call from life itself to continue living, to fight for what has been granted to you, but without ever ceasing to be borrowed. It seems that life was not satisfied with your work on this point either, deciding to make each creation interdependent on the others, making its existence in perfect harmony with that of the rest of beings and elements. In this way he made sure that respect for each component of life was breathed, that this connection was felt in the air. The message that the existence of each expression depended on the others was engraved in its own being, in its own reason for existence. Thus life achieved what it was looking for, that each of its precious projections respected the others, identifying itself in them. An energetic language was created that flowed among all the wonders of life, and beautiful vital limits were established between them. Life simply marvelled at the existence of more life, and this in itself was something enormously beautiful. The consciousness of life was freed from the greatest evil that could stalk its different expressions, that life itself ceased to be aware of the miracle of living.

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