The racing extinction

Real evolutionary titans are becoming extinct every day. All living beings that share the Earth with us are the champions of champions, they have existed for millions of years on our planet and are the result of no more and no less than five previous mass extinctions.

Experts say that we are now in the middle of the sixth, and the origin does not seem to have much room for doubt: the human being. Over-exploitation, habitat destruction, the introduction of invasive species and pollution, among others, are putting enormous numbers of species between a rock and a hard place.

The wonder of life itself must be respected and its value recognized at an intrinsic level. All living things hide fascinating secrets from which we still have a lot to learn, and certainly to imitate. After all, nature is an enormous source of knowledge.

Louie Psihoyos together with artists, scientists and activists show us in “The Racing Extinction” the consequences of the erroneous relationship we are having with the natural environment. Species lost forever in the history of life, millions of years of evolution accumulated in vital wisdom lost by the unsuccessful need of the human being to exploit the natural environment without conscience. The value of all these species is simply incalculable, and sadly many of their disappearances go totally unnoticed since we have not even come to know of their existence.

Starting from the premise that in order to want to conserve something it is necessary to love it, and that in order to love something it is necessary to know it first, reintegrating nature into our lives is essential. Let us not forget that human beings are part of nature, and depend totally on its good state of conservation for their survival. Re-learning to love it, discovering it and taking an interest in it is totally essential to protect it and one of the bases for making this world a better place.

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