The true cost

How is it possible that today’s clothes are so cheap? What or who is really paying the price for their production? What are the consequences?

We all care to a greater or lesser extent about our image, and the fashion industry knows this very well. Because of our need to be seen by others and to be “in style”, we enter blindly into the loop of over-consumption of clothes.

Major internationally recognized brands, despite their great power, include among their suppliers factories where materials, fabrics or garments are made under more than questionable conditions in relation to human rights and the environment.

Andrew Morgan in “The Real Cost” shows us heartbreaking testimonies and shocking images where we can witness the enormous impact that our seemingly harmless decisions have on a much larger scale than we can imagine.

It remains our responsibility to convey to companies our concerns about the way their products have been manufactured and to demand transparency in order to foster an environment of respect for human dignity and the natural environment. We must never underestimate our power as consumers to make this world a better place.

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