The way to school

Those fortunate enough, like me, to have enjoyed the privilege of access to education, may unfortunately not be able to appreciate or be sufficiently grateful for the luck we have had.

They say that nothing should ever be taken for granted, because although we see access to education as a fundamental right for every child, millions of children around the world do not have that opportunity. Because of their family circumstances, lack of resources or logistical incompatibility among other reasons, they are pressured by the need to help out at home, to look for work to bring in income or to take care of other responsibilities. This makes their access to education impossible or forces them to abandon it at a very early age.

In this moving documentary, Pascal Plisson shows us the path that four children have to face in order to get to school, each one with his personal story. The determination that resides in these children is the powerful bond that exists between all of them. Although it may be disheartening to see the difficulties, obstacles and dangers that they face when they are so young to have access to such a basic service as education, I prefer to stay with the strength that they transmit and the beautiful message that they give back to us with their example: to all of us who forget too soon to be grateful, to all of us who forget too soon how beautiful it is to learn.

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