Nature has always been a key part of my life. Since I was a child I have had to deal with feelings of anguish and concern about the continuing environmental deterioration and the world’s general lack of concern for it. Over time these have been extolled by the increasing loss of human humanity, suffering and lack of values.

I have spent too long lamenting all this from an excessively passive and negative perspective. It took me a long time to realize that this was not the path I really wanted to follow.

The truth was I was afraid to act.

It’s not easy to expose yourself to the world.

But one day I made a decision.

I decided to face my insecurities and give my best every day for everything I care about.

For nature, for my loved ones, for humanity,
by all the fascinating beings that live with us and by myself.

This page has been created by and for all of them.

So far I only regret one thing, that I didn’t dare to start earlier.

«What really matters is that you, that I, that we can all use all our capacity for action to make the world a better place. That must be the greatest purpose of our lives

What can you find here?

RESOURCES to have more knowledge, awareness and passion for a life in connection with nature, others and yourself.

REFLECTIONS to inspire you to give the best of yourself and look at the natural environment and world challenges with different eyes.

CONTRIBUTIONS and experiences of people who have had the courage to give the best of themselves and make this world a better place.

Everything I give you has been a source of inspiration to me, has brought quality to my life or even transformed it.

I hope that they will serve you as much as they did me.

What are my goals?

To inspire you.

That you believe.

To look at the world through different eyes.

And above all, to yourself.

I hope with all my heart to be able to remove that part of you that is so eager to be awakened.

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