21.04.2022 – Birdsong

Listening to birdsong in the morning is wonderful. They are familiar, close sounds. They transport me back in time and at the same time bring me back to the now. If I focus long enough, I recognize them in myself. I recognize myself in the songs. There is something about me that also belongs to the nature of birdsong.

I am able to identify some of the bird species just by their songs. I must admit that this pleases me. I like to know the manifestation of Nature. The mind is always pleased to know. It feels more comfortable knowing.

So, my mind shows me the memory of the appearance of birds automatically. The past comes to me through sound without even my intervention. But for some reason, it always ends up sounding like a new and fresh song. Wherever it comes from, it enhances my living, it connects me with life.

There is something that unites us, something essential that we have in common. Something deeply mysterious, pure and beautiful. Something that has always been there in the background. Something that has never changed. Something that has never left and has never come. Life brings us together at the very instant when only the birdsong and I exist. And at the moment when I merge with the sound, we simply are, I simply am.

I embrace and thank from my heart the birds and their melodious songs. Thank you for being there one more day, at this very moment, beautifying the world with your presence. Thank you for existing.

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