Learning to trust

The people. Huge worlds of infinite possibilities. So different and yet so similar. Different in appearance, identical in truth. They seem to be trained to detect these superfluous external disparities between them so that at the slightest hint they turn around and go another way. Why have we learned to make such quick judgements about others? Why has the rule become mistrust? It seems that we are in an unconscious but constant state of alert. We are afraid of being hurt, we are afraid of suffering. This makes it harder for us to trust, to show our most vulnerable side, the side that really makes us human.

They say that we increasingly lack the ability to establish quality relationships. I don’t think I’m too disoriented in pointing back to the same source. Fear. That destroyer of trust, of human bonds, of the world in general. The vast majority of us have oriented our lives in a radius in which there is not much more room than ourselves and our loved ones. It is rare to find someone who decides to raise their head and look beyond, towards the horizon. There we can find the beginning of a feeling of community, of union, of cooperation, of compassion, of gratitude. We are too afraid for our own integrity to look up and include these new views in our lives.

But when you dare to embrace them, when you make them part of your daily life, everything becomes so much more beautiful. You no longer look at your neighbors, your co-workers, or the people walking down the street with the same eyes. Whether you approve of their actions or not, you decide not to see them as competitors anymore, but as people with whom you can cooperate and from whom you surely have a lot to learn. People who also have insecurities, worries and challenges. People who, like you and me, do their best.

When you always expect the best from others, you realize that you look through crystals of curiosity, interest, understanding, learning and humility. You experience a fervent desire to reach the depths of each person, to discover what makes them authentic, to connect with their most human side. By playing with time with these new emotions you discover yourself acquiring a surprising revelation. The rejection that you feel towards others has always found its origin in your person, in parts of you that are still difficult to accept or perhaps in actions of the past that you still carry with you. Isn’t it wonderful that by forgiving yourself you have forgiven others in that very moment?

“The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you”.


The more beauty we find in ourselves, the more beauty we find in others. The moment we feel ready to integrate this powerful change, we receive one of life’s greatest gifts: freedom. We free ourselves from this heavy baggage of fear and mistrust, and we are set aside to make room for emotions much more in line with our authentic nature, emotions related to love.

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