Book: The wisdom of Nature

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The wisdom of nature is a book that has been born little by little. Word after word, paragraph after paragraph, stillness in stillness. Its background is always silence, otherwise it does not allow itself to be written, no matter how hard I try, it is a useless effort. Honoring what it contains, it is a serene, peaceful, subtle book. To my surprise, it seems to be in no hurry to be finished, as it gently takes its time. Right now it is still in process, it is not finished. Even so, it fervently wishes to be shared with others, for the wisdom of nature is no one’s property and at the same time everyone’s right. Nature possesses such a great and marvelous transforming power that it is capable of bringing out the best in every human being: his or her humanity. And that is something that society yearns for with intensity, to make us more human.

Writing this book is like digging into my own soul, like scratching into the deepest part of my being. Working with it is like going in solitude to the immensity of the ocean, to the depths of a desert or to the top of a mountain and then, without any other purpose, having to respond to life with the best of yourself. There is only emptiness, the restlessness of having to face nothingness and everything at the same time. In those landscapes, in those moments, who are you really? That’s how I feel when I write it, answering that question in the company of nature. That is the intention that permeates each of its pages. And that intention comes from love, from joy, although I recognize that sometimes there is also a certain discomfort and uncertainty due to the unknown. The mixture is explosive, at times difficult to manage and disconcerting. At others, it is so immensely pleasurable that I question whether I have ever felt more alive than while writing this book. Most importantly, it is the most beautiful and worthwhile project I have ever been involved in in my entire life. It makes me feel complete, fulfilled, happy, and I feel an enormous gratitude for being able to be part of this beautiful creation.

I do not consider myself the author of the book, because although I am the active hand that writes and materializes it, much of its content and wisdom does not belong to me. I intervene in occasions to share my emotions and personal reflections, but without much delay nature takes the floor again. The knowledge really belongs to her, I just try to find the best way to transmit it. By spending a lot of time with nature, giving her my full attention, in full presence, simply listening to her, I have gradually become a recipient of her teachings. It is a great honor for me as well as a certain responsibility to be able to communicate her wisdom to others. That is its purpose, to awaken awareness of the bond that has always existed between nature and human beings.

Thus, although this book has been baptized as the wisdom of nature, it goes far beyond the superficial expression of nature that we all know. We must not forget that nature is much more than bacteria, plants, fungi, animals, landscapes, ecosystems or human beings. For nature is a teacher of life. Through this book she not only aims to remind us that we are part of it, that in our purest essence there is no distinction between nature and us, but delves into the deepest lessons of life. Lessons that end up pointing to us, to our human relationships, to our contribution to the world. It is very important that we internalize that nature is the same life to which we all belong without exception, that she is a wide open door to the deepest meaning of living. We only have to be willing to listen. Let ourselves stop and quietly marvel at all that nature teaches us.

We hope with great joy that in a near future this book can be published and enjoyed by people all over the world. It is our sincere wish that it will contribute to create closer and more conscious relationships with nature, with other human beings and with life. That it may help alleviate suffering in our society, that it may bring value and happiness to those who hold it in their hands, and that it may instill enthusiasm and wonder for living. With that end in mind and to ensure its dissemination, we will be publishing content already written about the book periodically for the enjoyment of all. However, part of the publications will be reserved only for those who support the project financially. Each contribution allows us to get a little closer to the dream of seeing this book in the hands of everyone who needs it. And with the money received we make sure that this will be so, paying part of the future expenses derived from the printing and distribution of the book. Your interest and collaboration are greatly appreciated.