The envious life of your story was craved, maybe he was wrong? Did he not set this good, big heart free too soon? To your learning and dreams I promised to give wings, still drunk with passion, thus conquering the distant horizons, where the wind long ago resounded. I promised to be your voice on the road as you walk, so that oblivion would not find its place here, I promised to make you a part of life, so that together we can navigate new oceans, just like we always did, just as we always intended to continue.

Wake up

How many silenced souls disguise themselves from today, how much the sleeping spirit still longs to be awakened, What power! What strength! What beauty! Hidden between eyes blind to see what doesn’t exist, between looks that forgot to look from the heart, into mere witnesses to a fictional reality became. But you feel that struggle in you, and not in vain do you lie in wait, impatient and faithful to that spark that comes and sets you off. Wake up!

The theatre of life

A new vital consensus comes to life, in the heart of every day, for the sun is shining, and the wind is blowing, the plants are in bloom, and the clouds discharge rain. Rain on this earth, land set of life, set of countless wonders. Actors of life, decorate this ever-raising curtain, always ready for the show, by means of infinite papers. An indescribable beauty, accompanies every staging. It makes us speechless. It calls us to silence. Our blessed eyes are witnesses, of the synchrony of his magnificent work, of the harmony that each performer oozes, of this graceful and confident dance, who dance to the beat of life, all the members of life, in this endless landscape scenario. And you, pleased viewer, that you observe without acting, tell me, what’s your role in this play?

Faith in life

As long as there are still sprouts that germinate, as long as there are mothers who embrace their children with esteem, while painting sunrises and sunsets in the everyday skies, I will never lose faith in life. As long as the rains continue to caress our skin, even if they are late, as long as they keep creating melodies in the wind, as long as they keep flooding in the morning, I will never lose faith in life. As long as there are hearts overflowing with hope and joy, as long as doors to pain and suffering continue to be opened boldly, as long as there’s still reason to smile, I will never lose faith in life.


Admirable warrior, that in countless battles for victory you fought, Tell me, where did you learn to be so brave? I never found more hardship in you than joy. On my knees I didn’t see you, the more you stand up, the more you stand up, still holding my hand, me, afraid of life, you, you looked at me and smiled.


The fields of your life will flourish, those you once went to step on, and the butterflies will swirl, where you left your footsteps, for such a beautiful walk. Unsubstantiated miracles will be worked, of such a great dream, and allow me to see you on earth, in the air and in the sea. I’ll meet you on the flight of the birds, and in the reflection of the stars shine, and as long as you sing to me, you will hear my heart whisper: How valid was your delivery! How memorable it will always be! Warm breath in the winter you were, indomitable seed of nature at the call, even on the moors you were sick of it, you, miracle of life, rebound. That’s why I made a legend of you, I wanted it to be the most beautiful I could tell.


You got carried away, like a leaf shaken by tomorrow’s breeze, brave even without a glimpse of your next destination. And what freedom you feel on your skin after turning away from so many camouflaged fears and to embrace the future. It’s a matter of faith, go where your feelings take you; and as the language of life that it is, smile, smile, smile.

Being born again

What would stop the world, making its way through so many muted cries, so that even at the sound of hearts, rediscover the greatness of every morning. World, let go of that which makes you forget, so you can remember what made you great one day. Hug yourself from pole to pole, be proud of everything you cover. Shudder at your intensity, in joyfully celebrating your wonders. World, soak your creations in enthusiasm, accompanying them in the light of the new day. Attend to even the most insignificant experiences, they were who saw you born, they were who gave you life.

They will never make me doubt

They will never make me doubt those who do not see the beauty of every day, those who dare not find the light that emanates from every smile, those who are content to live outside of reality. They will never make me doubt those who question what matters in life, those who don’t have the courage to raise their voices for all that is forgotten, those who are content to be, when they could bring the unimaginable. They will never make me doubt those who forgot to dream, play and laugh from their hearts, those who have never dared to rescue their childhood dreams, those who stopped believing in the impossible. They will never make me doubt those who lost themselves along the way, those who forgot to listen to their own voice, those who decided to stop listening to other people’s. They will never make me doubt those who…