Dear Earth

Dear Earth,

in a seed I would contain you,

and believing me to be true to your wisdom,

in me would stand you up,

see how well you’d grow!

Oh, dear Earth,

so much love for your people would be born,

for their stories and legends,

for their landscapes and beliefs,

for their experiences and fantasies,

how else would so much life express itself!

If it were up to me,

at each new dawn I would watch you,

so that in your big little sky he would take in,

the dream that the world would value you.

In the same abandoned fields I would walk,

with fresh eyes would rejuvenate them,

and before the renewed journey I would feel you.

Oh, dear Earth,

Your very presence to my tears would be a comfort!

Your existence to my soul would inspire!

What can I do for you,

dear Earth,

but to feel gratitude for so much wonder?

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