Express yourself

I’ve got great news. If you were to ask me how you can make the world a better place, one of the first things that would come to mind is that you use your imagination to create something that you like. But that’s not enough. The special touch that makes the difference is that your creation brings value beyond yourself. In other words, it’s about expressing an authentic part of yourself, materializing it so that others can enjoy it and learn from it.

It can be anything from gestures of affection and love for others, words, books, new theories, reflections, inventions, music, art… always adding your personal touch! You keep an enormous potential inside you that deserves to be shared. Isn’t it a little selfish that others can’t know it and you keep it only for yourself? What’s more, the world urges this kind of creation. You would be surprised at the number of people who can be inspired and the wonderful impact this will have on your level of satisfaction with your life.

Creating is beautiful. We are all artists. In front of that canvas, that score, that blank sheet of paper, that dance floor, we decide with what amalgam of colors, melodies, phrases or steps we are going to fill our lives. The world would be much more beautiful if people decided to create more from the heart, since we influence it with our creations much more than we can be aware of. Isn’t the power of creation wonderful? That powerful tool, the imagination, to form a better present and future.

The last day of my life

What I am telling you may surprise you at first, seem a little insignificant or even disappoint you. I would answer that you should never underestimate the power of imagination in action. If you look around you, the entire human world is made up of creations from ancient civilizations to the present day, arising from your imagination and materialized in different forms of expression. But the key that determines their quality is the purity of intention to bring value into other people’s lives. Knowing that in most cases this has not been taken into account much, imagine what a world where people’s expressions predominate with a sincere feeling of contributing would look like.

Now let’s return to you as an example. Most likely, it is your fear of rejection, lack of confidence, or other insecurities that prevent you from creating or sharing your creations with others. Be as you feel. I deal with it on a daily basis. I’m going to share with you a series of reflections to help you with those limitations that your treacherous mind imposes on you. I find them enormously useful to encourage me to overcome my fears, to create with strength and illusion and to share the result with the world.


Your mind: I think my technique is not good and I am ashamed of what others may think of me. It makes me feel vulnerable and also very uncomfortable to express myself in this way. It’s an intimate part of me that few people know about. I am afraid of exposing myself and being judged.

Answer: We all do. I am the first. One trick I have developed over time is to return to the reality of how ephemeral life is, to connect with my mortality, with the value of moments and their depth. Once I have that in mind I ask myself:

Would this be something that the future Andrea would be proud of?

Would this be something that could serve in other people’s lives?

(Imagine that all the artists, great inventors, people with great feats who have caused the greatest contributions in the history of humanity would not have created by giving in to their fears)

The answer to these two questions (at least in my case) is manifested through a feeling that is difficult to explain in words, but that resembles an inner affirmation that you are on the right track. You’d be surprised how much admiration other people show for the vulnerability. Mainly they are well seen because people are aware of the great show of value that lies behind such actions. Most beautiful of all, you inspire others to be more humane and to empathize with you. Ironically, it is in that space that we fear so much, vulnerability, that people create real bonds between themselves.

If you have not found these questions helpful, another way to deal with the same fear in a way that is closer to your personal life would be to imagine this situation:

If a very important person for me had the same idea as me but also the same fear of putting it into practice and asked me for advice, what would I say? Wouldn’t I tell him that it’s a wonderful idea and that he should listen more to his heart and less to the fear? Isn’t that what I would like to hear?

To be honest, using these techniques I have never felt ashamed or sorry that I created anything, quite the contrary. With surprise and gratitude I have discovered in the form of a gift the appreciation and words of encouragement of other people. But the greatest and sweetest gift of all has come in the form of increased confidence and satisfaction with my life. I have ended up thanking myself for my courage to express my most vulnerable side.


Your mind: but I’m not prepared enough, I don’t have good inspiration and I have a long way to go to bring sufficient quality to my work. I will do it later when I am more trained.

Answer: there is always a start and there is never a perfect level of preparation. The biggest and most difficult step is to start.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


That ideal moment for you to feel comfortable to take action does not exist, what stops you are simply your hidden fears in the form of excuses. Most likely, if you start now, your evolution and learning would be much greater than if you postponed it. You should ask yourself this:

If I don’t do it now, when?

The first best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb

That’s how we ended up realizing that fear is a great teacher, but that out of control it wreaks havoc on people’s lives. Many spend much of their existence blocked by it and with the sad result of perhaps never becoming aware of their full potential.

To show you part of the success of my work in applying the techniques I have just told you about, you can find some of my creations in poems and articles to which I gave inspired life by reflecting on the power of expression to change the world.

Wishing with all my heart that this may be useful to you,