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Recordando quiénes somos a través de la naturaleza
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There are two phrases that have always stayed with me very strongly in my life: “remember who you are” and “we are nature“. Combining them, we find that we can remember who we are in the bosom of nature. Nature is a wide open door, a channel that communicates with our true essence. So wonderful is nature and the very life that binds us to it.

Talking about nature, knowing nature and loving nature is the same as talking about us, knowing us and loving us. That is why it is so essential, now more than ever, that we turn our attention to what really matters, to our authentic identity. Let’s remember ourselves nature.


We are all, to a greater or lesser extent, aware of climate change, the mass extinction of species, pollution, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity… With the excuse of progress, human well-being and historical and still global problems such as poverty and hunger, we eagerly cling to material wealth as the solution to all our problems. However, it does not take much effort or even going very far to realize that the promises of economic security have not been fulfilled for many of us. Infinite economic growth seems not to be the answer to our most human transcendental problems.

It is really not correct and may even be absurd to blame the economy or money for our current situation. After all, they are tools created by human beings themselves whose purpose should be, in principle, to ensure dignified lives for all, to serve people. By its very nature as a tool, the background of money is neutral. So why is the economic system so closely related to the destruction of nature or to inequality among people? Because of the intention, the purpose or the way we use money and structure the economy.

It seems more than evident that behind the mask of today’s economic growth are hidden basic and transcendental human problems such as selfishness, greed and lack of humanity. Until what really makes us human prevails over our shortcomings and fears, the economy will continue to be largely destructive to people and to all forms of life. What good is money if it is not an exchange of values and an opportunity to genuinely contribute to society? If it does not strengthen community and strengthen ties? If it is rather an engine of competition and separation between people? If it is an impediment to living our lives in sincere companionship and fulfillment?


We are advancing by leaps and bounds without really knowing where or why we want to advance. We have at our disposal the tremendous powers of science and technology, which, like money, are neutral tools created to serve people. But again, without the wisdom to know where to direct them and with human unconsciousness predominating, they take on a destructive quality. Finally, the foundations of our society seem to be maintained by the philosophy that people serve the economy, science and technology, when really the purpose of these creations has always been to help us live. Now our tools have apparently become our reason for living. For what reason then do we really live?

What really matters is that you, that I, that we can all use all our capacity for action to make the world a better place. That must be the greatest purpose of our lives.”

Having lost the perspective of where we are going and why, we have logically reached the point of taking the existence of life for granted. How can we expect people to admire, respect and love nature if they do not experience the same for their own existence? We have lost our ability to marvel at being alive, and at the same time, to marvel at all forms of life.

Yet nature is always there for us with open arms, constant, faithful, tireless. She waits for us to be ready to listen to her. And it will be then when, attentive to her wisdom, we will be able to find solutions to all our problems, because she is our guide. Nature is to find our way again, is to find our way home. Therefore, what could be more important than talking about nature right now? Let’s talk about nature, let’s talk about returning home.


Support to deal with the climate crisis on a personal level and find inspiration to act.

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4º The book I am writing now, “The wisdom of Nature“.

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