As time goes by I am more and more convinced of the power of individual stories and their value. As I write in one of my articles, I am very saddened to realize the potential that people hold and at the same time how unconvinced they are of it.

I want you to record one thing on fire: your story, your experience, your knowledge can change other people’s lives. Perhaps it is what they need to hear at this moment to feel supported, understood, to see themselves reflected in you. That example to follow, that push they were waiting for. Never underestimate your power, is far beyond human understanding.

That said, welcome to Stories of People Who Make the World a Better Place! I would love for you to be a part of this joint, collective story as well. Because you deserve it, because without knowing you I already know that you’re in it, only maybe you haven’t realized it yet.
If you’d be interested in being interviewed, I’d be very happy if you’d get in touch with me!

These are the people who have been encouraged so far to share how their story is making this world a better place:


Since he was a child, Ismael has always felt a special connection with nature. Even back then he knew that he wanted to end up dedicating himself to something that would allow him to spend as much time in contact with her as possible. And so he did. He says that in his life she brings, besides his profession, well-being, enjoyment, balance and health – “She brings me everything“.

Ismael is a wonderful example of the power that we can all draw from when we believe in what we are doing and try to do our best, as he says. His purpose, “to bring good things to the environment and try to make this world a better place“. Among all his work, he confesses that he especially enjoys environmental education and being able to contribute to the conservation of endangered fauna. Ismael has extensive experience in protecting threatened bivalves and amphibians, the latter being the most endangered group of vertebrates on the planet. He confesses to feeling a certain weakness for the latter, something with which I feel very identified. It is always a pleasure to hear from people who contribute to making this world a better place. My most sincere gratitude and congratulations, Ismael, for your work.


Music, poetry. Both have stirred hearts for much of human history. They fill us with meaning, enliven our emotions and remind us how wonderful it is to live. Sonia is no exception. Her dream was to be a singer, but she put it aside in fear of an unsuccessful career. However, life has brought him back strongly when she needed him most, reminding him of the important place that music and poetry have in his life.

Sonia advises us to speak from the heart, because that is how it is when we really reach out to others and achieve the most humane communication possible. Without a doubt, her songs and poems were born from that premise. Thank you Sonia for making this world a better place. Thank you for everything.


This is Mayte. She is the owner of a bulk store in the center of Zaragoza that she manages by herself. Her aim is to promote health through her quality local products and to transmit the importance of acquiring good nutrition. She assures that one of the most beautiful parts of her business is the affection of her clients and everything she learns from them.

It emphasizes the value of small businesses in the community and mutual support among small entrepreneurs. The confidence she has developed is one of the most valuable lessons she has learned from this experience. But, without a doubt, the message that touched my heart the most when I interviewed Mayte was how clear she had that helping others is the basis of her work. Thanks for everything Mayte. Thank you for making this world a better place.