Love of nature

As a nature-loving person, I used to be ashamed of my species. I thought that human beings were the worst form of life on this planet and a condemnation of it. He was one of those who only saw the world tinted black, even though there had always been so much light around him. Because in the end your eyes see only what you want to see. I was not yet aware that my attitude only made the problem worse.

It took me a long time to understand that, however much we have been taught otherwise, this is not a world of good and bad. It’s a world of people. People with struggles, overcoming and fears, but also with stories, joys and dreams. Lives that deserve to be shared and from which there is always something to learn. My need to point out culprits in the face of environmental deterioration diluted my energies and made my suffering more acute.

It was, nothing more and nothing less, my connection to nature that changed my way of seeing the world and the problems we have created. She taught me to love myself so that I could learn to love others. Little by little, I found myself retracing my steps, wanting to return to that time where I knew how to look through hope, joy and illusion. I still find myself on this journey of returning to remember and relearning how to live.

Thanks to this wonderful mistake I have been able to evolve and choose with greater wisdom. The strength that my speech and my struggle had cannot be compared to what they have today. I think that the key may lie in the origin of the feeling: it no longer arises from negativity, lack of humility and excess of judgment. Now I stand up not only for my love of nature, but for a much more global, holistic, and integral love. My struggle has become in the name of life, without exclusions.

It’s so inspiring! These new energies are pouring out of me, eager to find the best way to be shared with the world. My love for nature has allowed me to change the hatred of human beings into another form of love. I didn’t realize that by hating others I was pouring that hate into myself at the same time. I must admit that I was often frustrated by not being able to contribute more and with a poor appreciation of my potential and possibilities. After all, who is capable of fighting without hesitation when so much despair, discouragement and disillusionment surrounds us?

I don’t blame myself, I did the best I could with the tools I had at the time. Instead, I thank myself and take pride in my courage and restlessness at such a young age. It is very important to know how to applaud and celebrate one’s personal conquests. I am happy to be here and now writing this article for you with the aim of contributing through it, the best of me.

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