Share what you are passionate about

You’d be surprised how emotional it can be to hear someone speak with passion. Have you ever had that opportunity? If you don’t remember any, you haven’t. These are things you don’t forget. You may have been able to forget some of the content, but not what it made you feel. The subject matter is not really relevant if the person was speaking from the heart; it can make you fall in love with anything. That’s the power of feelings and words.

There are few things that give me more satisfaction than talking about what makes me feel alive, awake, excited, full of curiosity and energy. That which empowers me, gives me fire and drives me on the days when I feel most lost. Personally, I find great joy in sharing my emotions for nature, for the conservation of the environment and its knowledge; it gives me life to know stories of overcoming, stories full of courage and love; I am fascinated by the intrinsic thirst to give and receive love from human beings, their desire to overcome, to know themselves, to reach their best.

However, nowadays apathy, discouragement and disorientation for life have become the norm, while dreams seem to be a luxury that few can afford. People are rarely driven by passion. They have become content to live. From my point of view, it is far from proud to live a life lived in this way. But let’s be forgiving. You always have to consider where you are starting from, where you are going. We start from a world in which we are reminded at every moment of the many uncertainties and problems that challenge us as individuals and as humanity.

It is not difficult for fear to win the battle of the heart when your most basic instinct for survival, though appeased, comes to the fore with increasing frequency. Who in their right mind would not decide to take shelter? And who would be able to stand up to the current when common sense seems to indicate otherwise? Perhaps it would be time to question what is considered sensible. I must admit that all this arouses a certain amount of anger and frustration in me. I am not capable of accepting that it is considered “sensible” to lack faith in ourselves, in others, in human beings; I am not capable of accepting that it is considered “sensible” to succumb to the most exacerbated and unrealistic insecurities that the world transmits to us and at the same time be impervious and insensitive to issues that deserve much more attention; I am not capable of accepting the mere fact that we are letting fear control our lives. After all, it is still the source of all the suffering we see in the world.

I propose that we learn to walk beside it, that we accept it, because fear is human. But let us remember at all times what its role is and declare ourselves responsible for the direction of our lives. I propose that we take up the passion in our thoughts, in our language, in our actions. I propose that from now on, from this very moment, we bring passion into our lives and into the lives of others. Do you remember the beginning of the article? That you would never forget the experience of listening to someone speak with passion? Without a doubt, by becoming passionate we will contribute in an unimaginable way to making this world a better place.

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