The theatre of life

A new vital consensus comes to life,

in the heart of every day,

for the sun is shining,

and the wind is blowing,

the plants are in bloom,

and the clouds discharge rain.

Rain on this earth,

land set of life,

set of countless wonders.

Actors of life,

decorate this ever-raising curtain,

always ready for the show,

by means of infinite papers.

An indescribable beauty,

accompanies every staging.

It makes us speechless.

It calls us to silence.

Our blessed eyes are witnesses,

of the synchrony of his magnificent work,

of the harmony that each performer oozes,

of this graceful and confident dance,

who dance to the beat of life,

all the members of life,

in this endless landscape scenario.

And you, pleased viewer,

that you observe without acting,

tell me, what’s your role in this play?

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