We are in a digital and dynamic era where people’s patience is not their greatest virtue and where concentration is seen as an endangered ability (where I include myself). Although I don’t claim to be a big fan of social networks because of their implications on myself, others and the environment, I found myself one day getting familiar with them in the hope of being able to spread my work more and better. From the beginning, I found the videos to be powerful allies. The visuals are usually good and they spread well. Before I started my website I had never made a video. Now I have ideas written down everywhere for the next ones. They aim to inspire, to encourage reflection on our connection to nature and to motivate individual and collective action for the common good.

I work alone, but would prefer not to. I would love what these videos show to be the result of cooperation between different people who share the same values or dreams. If you too would like to contribute, if you are concerned about nature conservation and you are racking your brains like I am to make this world a better place, come on and contact me! I’m looking for people who would like to appear in my new videos, participate with their voice or in any way that I feel I can contribute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here.

These are the videos I’ve made so far!


I have always had a special affection for amphibians. I grew up with them since my childhood and far from leaving my fascination for them, today they continue to captivate and amaze me with the same or even greater ease than when I was a child.

But these wonderful creatures are in danger. Amphibians are the most threatened group of vertebrates in the world (more than 41% of species in decline, IUCN data). My awareness of their situation and my strong bond with them led to a great sense of responsibility. It was time to materialise all these emotions, to transform them into something beneficial for amphibians and for the world.

This led me to start an international documentary that promotes knowledge, awareness and empathy for these animals. It will gather the wisdom, work, reflections and feelings of scientists, conservationists, NGOs and individuals who strive every day to ensure the permanence of amphibians in nature.

By themselves, their efforts may be sadly undervalued in the eyes of others or by society, unaware of the incalculable value that lies behind it. However, if we take enough perspective we can see a beautiful link between all of them: amphibians. Amphibians continue to fascinate people all over the world and that is a powerful force of inspiration and action. It is time to praise, to recognise the value of amphibians and the work of all those people who dedicate their lives to these fascinating creatures.


In a world where individuality is overly rewarded and collaboration is feared, the climate crisis seems much more intimidating and difficult to address. We urgently need to reach out to each other and take action together.

Fernando and I wanted to do our bit by creating this little project together, looking from our own personal experiences, albeit related, in the same direction. We both agreed that in order to make this world a better place and tackle climate change it is necessary to change the way we relate to everything: to our bodies, to nature, to our food, to science, to our differences, to our values and to the world in general.

Knowledge has always been on the table, available to anyone with an interest in contributing and contributing. We need to dare to ask for help, to know how to accept it and to learn how to offer it. If no one doubts that together we can go further, it is time to change the discourse and take action!


Let’s face it, we are intimidated and disturbed by the different expressions of nature. Our response has always been to want to control it. Its response has never been to punish us. She just goes on with her course, just as the rain, the sun and the wind treat any being on this planet in the same way. We are no exception. Nature only tends to regain its balance. This is the basis of its intrinsic and wonderful capacity to sustain life.


I have long felt that the predominant education about nature is dangerously focused on how it works, when in few places is taught to connect with it, to love it. We mistakenly underestimate that emotional knowledge, when it may be our last trump card as humanity.

Deepening our connection with nature by becoming more aware of it is essential to ensure resilient biodiversity where people can have a future. And in those moments when we are lost in despair and fear of the uncertainties of the climate and the world, our connection to nature will give us more than enough reason to move forward. The option to throw in the towel simply does not exist in the heart of a person connected to nature.

She, always so grateful and generous, will end up rewarding us with freedom and a greater sense of fulfillment. Her gift will be to allow us to live in the face of something that is important to us, to give greater meaning to our lives.


If stop to listen to the woods, what would they say? Perhaps they would tell us about community resilience, about cooperation, about finding strength in differences and about how to live in the present. Perhaps they would also remind us of all the things we have in common with them, that we share the same home and are strongly interconnected. But surely the most important thing of all is that they make us question life and how we are choosing to live. There are very interesting works that refer to this magnificent biological complexity of forests. There are very interesting research that refer to this magnificent biological complexity of forests.


One of the greatest problems in the world is that life is taken for granted, when it has never ceased to be a miracle for which we should always be marveled. The climate crisis is a clear reflection of the way we relate to nature. Hand in hand with science and technology must go the rethinking of the type of connection we have with it, and the eyes with which we are looking at it.

By paying a little attention we will be able to understand its language and adapt it to many of the needs and problems that humanity is facing. By spending more time at its side we will be able to recover that capacity to marvel at the fascinating ecosystems and beings that live with us.

I am convinced that nature will help us realize the dizzying speed of society, the price we are paying for our personal satisfaction and the quality of our lives and will inspire us to return to paths more in line with a global consciousness where everything and everyone has a place.


We all hold within us incredible potential. However, very few of us are aware of it and even fewer of us share it with the world. We live in a time of dynamism, of great changes, of uncertainty, of fears… to face it I think it is fundamental that we believe in others and in ourselves. That is my objective: to bring out the best in you.

Personally, I think that in order to be able to inspire, it is very important that we change our speech. Let’s focus on empowering people, let’s talk again about possibilities, about illusions, about dreams; let’s give powerful reasons to believe and to fight.

Let’s focus again on what makes us who we are, on living with passion and determination. I dream about the day that will come when there won’t be any impossibles in that world in which we all, without exception, wish to live in. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if we focus on giving the best of ourselves? What are you waiting for to start?