Why should you listen to podcasts?

I have to admit that when I propose or lead with something, there is no stopping me. Considering how impulsive and intense I am, in the case of podcasts it was not going to be less. Although my father began to try to motivate me to listen to them some time ago, claiming that they were useful for learning English, it wasn’t until I felt the need and curiosity for myself that I decided to open this door to learning. Since then, they have not ceased to be present in my daily routine and are my faithful companions wherever I go.

It’s very unlikely that you don’t like podcasts

Maybe you’ve never heard of podcasts before. Maybe you’ve tried a few, often about languages, and haven’t taken them up again. You may also not have been directly convinced by the experience. Let me tell you that you should try it again or encourage yourself to try it if you’ve never done it before, in fact, I’m almost completely sure that I can convince you to do it. Why? Because it’s very difficult not to find someone you like. The wonderful thing about podcasts is that there are so many topics out there, you just have to focus your search on what you would most like to learn about. In my iPod, for example, you can find podcasts about biology, nature, environmental conservation, ecology, meditation, guided meditations, mindfulness, gratitude, minimalism or languages, among others.

Do you usually spend a lot of time on transport?

What better way to fill those dead hours with something that motivates you? Don’t underestimate what you can learn from this habit or the impact it can have on your life. Mine has changed considerably thanks to what I have been learning through them, listening, internalizing and deciding to implant what I have assimilated. I try to alternate my listening so as not to get bored and download some new ones from time to time, thus maintaining interest and allowing me to continue learning. Laying out a washing machine, washing the dishes, making the bed, walking to the subway, taking my dogs out or taking a walk in the countryside are always a good excuse and time to listen to podcasts.

Watch out, you don’t have to overdo it either!

Yes, it’s true that podcasts are a tool with a lot of potential to exploit, however, don’t use them to keep your mind constantly distracted, don’t try to silence your own inner voice. Nowadays it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the excessive pressure that society imposes on us along with the information bombardments we are subjected to daily without realizing it. Our response is usually to take refuge in activities that do not require much mental activity, that is, we unconsciously avoid reflecting. If we analyze our daily routine we can surely find, in the great majority of us, a total absence of moments of inner listening and disconnection. Becoming addicted to spending every free moment listening to music, podcasts or watching series or movies is an example of something in us that is not properly balanced.

I myself, with my ambition and excessive desire to learn, have experienced a certain imbalance when resorting to podcasts in every margin of productivity that I found in my daily life.

Remember that returning to silence is essential to regaining balance.

So, whether you’re watching movies, series, listening to music or podcasts too much, take off your headphones or put your computer away more often. Decide to focus as much as possible on what you see and hear at any given moment, choose to look and listen differently. Don’t allow yourself to keep missing landscapes, details, conversations and wonderful sensations, strive to be aware of what is happening around you and allow yourself to free your mind from attachments more often. Integrate this simple habit that can give you so much: just breathe, smile and feel part of everything.

I have to say that I have always felt improvement in my mood and anxiety level after investing my time in the absence of outside stimulation.

Therefore, the key to this article is to encourage you to integrate podcasts into your life, but without becoming obsessed with it – to learn, to be better people and to keep growing!

What about you? What experiences have you had with podcasts so far?

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