Why Spreading Consciousness and a dandelion?

All this is also briefly commented in the section I write about why I decided to create a website and I talk a little bit more about myself. The name of my page is obviously related to the objective of the page: to spread a more conscious lifestyle with the rest of the people and living beings and to encourage reconnection and respect for nature. But it would be useless to inform and give reasons to live a closer life with the natural environment when at an inner level there is no previous work, both in the person who transmits and in the receivers. The message will reach more easily those who have already travelled a certain distance on the path of self-knowledge. This is why I am so interested in spiritual issues and personal growth. In order to understand the importance of nature in ourselves and in our own lives, I believe it is necessary to strengthen our self-listening, our critical sense and to develop tools that allow us to discern what is really important in our lives.

In my case there came a point when I needed to take action, feel more useful, feel listened to and stop being afraid of giving power to my voice, despite the possibility of meeting others who did not share mine and the discomfort of facing my own fears. I could no longer be a mere spectator, unmoved, while inside I burned more and more with the desire to make a difference. My mind and heart were and still are crying out to me to be part of the change I want to see in the world. Sometimes I recognize that I am scared of how quickly time passes and how insignificant the impact I am making can seem. You begin to have doubts and wonder if your struggle is really worth it, if all the weight you are carrying on your shoulders and if believing with such passion in its end and necessity is justified. It is still a considerable price to pay for a more conscious life, for wanting to approach with conviction the very reality of the world and the threats we face. Dealing with all this day after day is an internal challenge that tests our emotional stability and self-control.

Ask yourself if you’re living a life you’re proud of, dare to act on your answer.

Bearing in mind that I began to develop my sensitivity to the environment and nature at a very young age and, although I believe myself to be a faithful advocate of its conservation, I sometimes find myself hesitant, how can I hope to influence and convince people who are overwhelmed by day-to-day concerns about investing time and energy in issues that are alien to their individual lives? How can I reach them when they have not even felt the fascination of nature in their own bones, when they have not established that kind of relationship, when they do not admire it, when they do not know it? How can I pretend that they want to preserve the environment when they have not even learned to love it in the first place? One only values what one loves, and in order to love, it is necessary to know beforehand. Knowing yourself on an inner level, on a personal level, will allow you to appreciate things more, to connect with them, to discover their beauty, to respect them and, therefore, to want to protect them. The individual work can be translated into a greater sensitivity to nature and the welfare of other people and living beings, being more receptive to any kind of knowledge that increases your interest in things, encouraging you to value and preserve them. Paraphrasing Gandhi:

If you want to make this world a better place, start with yourself.

However, to this we can add the increasing difficulty we face about the isolation of the population in the cities today. The artificialization of the environment, transforming it into a landscape increasingly barren of life and lacking in possibilities to connect with nature is causing an epidemic of ecological amnesia. Unfortunately, most of the world’s population lives in cities and people are too accustomed to mingle within four walls, without missing the connection to the natural world. This coupled with an excessively frenetic pace of life prevents us from standing up and realizing the enormous importance of expanding our environmental and social awareness. Reintegrating nature into our lives and looking out for others must be a priority, both for our individual well-being and for the good of the planet.

Being aware of some of the obstacles and challenges that today’s society is facing, I have decided to take a step forward, trying to offer the best of me with the aim of living a life that I am truly proud of. And I think you can’t start any better than by focusing on my inner work, my acceptance and appreciation: loving myself. The more comfortable I feel with who I am, the easier it will be for me to believe in myself and in what I can do and in my possibilities, and they say that belief is power.

There is nothing more powerful in this world than a human being convinced.

Pablo D’Ors

I have realized that in order to make my life more fulfilling I need to invest more time in others, in trying to influence their lives in the most positive way possible and in passing on what has made mine better. That’s why I’ve made it a point to pass on to you all what I’m learning and thus give you the opportunity to share what I believe. Something wonderful about knowledge, apart from transmitting security, makes us free. It greatly increases our ability to judge life events in a more realistic way and with a greater perspective.

Going back to the title of the article, the dandelion is a wink to all this that I have just mentioned. The seeds that are scattered by the wind are a metaphor for all that I want to convey and that is slowly reaching people, all those who find value in my words. Being a plant represents my admiration, my bond and respect for nature, everything it means in my life and everything it brings to me. The waves that I know are created under the dandelion, is a reflection of my inner struggle and acceptance of my inner self, my personal growth and improvement, as well as my spiritual life. It is simply a representation of my values and priorities.

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